The various responses the GAF provides, both locally and throughout the district, are mostly atypical responses and designed more for people who are excluded. Their financial support of said responses, all of which are free of charge and comprise a complex interdisciplinary group of technical workers (with over 50 staff members), is financially very demanding. Within this scenario, donations, support and partnerships all become essential, with each one contributing toward improving the services provided.

IBAN: PT50 0045 1436 40270152045 36

NIF: 503 748 935

Consignment of 0.5% of the IRS (filed income tax return)

Did you know you that, on your income tax return, you can "donate" part of the tax you declare? This gesture, the so-called “tax consignment,” does not entail any additional cost to the taxpayer. Thus, at no additional charge, you quickly and easily have the Government set aside 0.5% of your income tax to the GAF.

By consigning this small portion of your income tax in favor of the GAF, you (thus) contribute toward health education programs, development and family intervention projects, helping children and young people at risk, female domestic violence victims and their children; therefore, you become actively involved in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

When you file your income tax return, please consign your settled tax in favor of the Gabinete de Atendimento à Família (Family Assistance Office), by simply entering our Taxpayer Identification Number (NIF) – 503 748 935 under field 1101 of Table 11 on the front side of Form 3 of the Income Tax Return’s Income Statement.

There is no additional charge to you in doing so, and you are helping those who need it most. It takes only one minute per year to help other: 50 seconds to choose our Institution; and 10 seconds to enter Taxpayer Number 503 748 935. This information is valid for all taxpayers, even for those receiving a tax refund, at no extra charge to you.

Folheto IRS(PDF | 675,11 KB)

Donations in Kind

All our services work so that every person receiving assistance here can have an independent life project. However, the scarce economic resources limit the process leading to autonomy. It becomes necessary for the entire community to collaborate toward obtaining essential items for when people move into a new dwelling. What is needed? ....

These are precisely the items that are needed: furniture; household appliances; foodstuffs; clothing and footwear for adults and children; household articles; toys; baby products; school supplies.

Donations of Money

You can send your donation in cash, by cheque, postal money order or bank transfer via BIN (Bank Identification Number): 0007 0000 0062 9490716 23. Following a bank transfer, you need to send, by e-mail, fax or post, proof of transfer with identification, so that a receipt can be issued for your donation.

Donations channeled to the GAF can be sporadic or periodic, and can all be increased (deductible) by 140% on both personal and corporate income tax returns.

What is it?

A "Liga dos Amigos" (“League of Friends”) consists of every person seeking to collaborate in the pursuit of the GSAF’s activities, be it via monetary contributions or through volunteer work, and who, as such, are admitted by GSAF Management.

Source: Statutes - Article 40 (friends)

Why be part of it?

In post-modern societies, there has been a gradual dissemination of values hinged on competition, individualism and personal success, thus generating cultures geared to consumption.

In the Post-industrial period, with the democratization of the Web and the propagation of communication services hinged on the low-cost concept, we witness the compression of time and space, making it possible to perform multiple activities simultaneously, physically and virtually, where distances no longer make sense.

In social terms, high-profile cases in the media are [over]rates, as we witness reality shows while e-mails alerting us are exchanged... but realities are overlooked, which are known to exist, though people don’t wish to see them.

Within this context, NGOs, Charitable Institutions and Associations emerge as a sort of backwash in this mad dash. With lines of action outlined from statutes adapted to social realities, but with a noted openness to innovation and undeniable emphasis on quality, it is incumbent on institutions to act with professionalism and effective and scientifically underpinned interventions. To this end, it is crucial for civil society to get to know/recognize this work and to actively integrate these projects.

To facilitate such interconnection, the GAF saw the emergence of the GAF Friend concept, aimed at rewarding all those who, directly or indirectly, seek to collaborate, by providing them with the chance to actively take part at events and activities while benefiting from perks in access to products and services.

General Conditions

Kinds of Friends

Individual Friend - A person who signs up individually.
Contribution (annual minimum): 20 euros

Volunteer Friend - A person who provides volunteer service to the Institution.
No contribution required.

Honorary Friend - A person holding an honorary title.
No contribution required.

Institutional Friend - An organization that signs up as a legal body.
Contribution (annual minimum): 250 euros

Patronage Friend - An organization with a patronage partnership (social patronage).
Contribution (annual minimum): 1000 euros

Suspending and cancelling the sign-up

For all due purposes, the friend sign-up is suspended when the (annual minimum) contribution amount has not been settled by the last business day of the month of April of each year. During the period when the sign-up is suspended, the friend is prevented from benefiting from his/her rights.

The amount of the contribution quotas can be settled and back in good standing at any time, by paying the full amount in arrears (annual minimums corresponding to the calendar years in question).

The sign-up is definitively canceled after three consecutive years without settling the quota amounts, and a new sign-up shall be contingent on payment of the full amount corresponding to the three years in question.

Means of settling the contribution quotas

The amount corresponding to the annual quota can be settled in cash, by cheque, postal money order or bank transfer to Bank Identification Number: 0007 0000 0062 9490716 23 of the BES bank. (Following a bank transfer, proof of transfer needs to be sent, by e-mail, fax or post, along with the Friend’s identification, in order to validate the payment.)

Rights of the GAF Friend

GAF Friends are given the Friend Card (up to 3 copies when dealing with an Institutional or Patronage Friend), which entitles them to the following benefits:

• 10% off on the hand-washing of cars (WashGAF);

• 10% off on product purchases;

• 50% off on event participation;

• Income tax-deductible receipt in the amount of the annual contribution;

• Information on the Institution’s initiatives (GAF Bulletin).

Obligations of the GAF Friend

The GAF Friend is under obligation to settle the (annual minimum) amount of the contribution quota by the last business day of the month of April of every year.

To become a GAF Friend, fill out the registration form and send it to: Rua da Bandeira, 342 4900-561 Viana do Castelo Correio electrónico: Fax: (+351) 258 811 313

The friend card is issued after the (annual minimum) amount of the contribution quota has been settled.

Payment can be made in cash, by cheque, postal money order or bank transfer to Bank Identification Number: 0007 0000 0062 9490716 23. (Following a bank transfer, proof of transfer needs to be sent, by e-mail, fax or post, along with the Friend’s identification, in order to validate the payment.)


Why be a volunteer at the GAF?

Are you familiar with the work undertaken by the GAF and would you like to contribute toward our mission? Have you always wanted to volunteer to a social cause? Do you want to meet people and the local community? Do you have time and wish to invest it in serving others? Would you like to apply experiences and knowledge to the benefit of others? Would you like to gain new skills and do something different?

For these and other reasons, we believe in the very special sensitivity of each volunteering act. By freely, selflessly and responsibly giving your time, according to your own aptitudes, this is synonymous with active participation in your community.

We invite you to invest your time, energy, will and your abilities to benefit the community. Offer your services and gain unique experiences.

Because at the GAF, your time is valuable.

How can you become a volunteer at the GAF?

So you can volunteer at the GAF, please sign up at the Banco Local de Voluntariado (Local Volunteering Bank) of the Gabinete Cidade Saudável (Healthy City Office) of Viana do Castelo City Hall, with which we have a protocol.

At that Office, after signing up, you will await the chance to receive specific training for volunteering, which could take place either during or outside normal working hours.

In that training, you will be informed about every institution where you can volunteer, including the GAF. After the training, you can contact the GAF’s volunteering service and, from there, offer your time.

The GAF has emerged and grown thanks to the efforts of volunteers while providing the community of the District of Viana do Castelo with various community intervention services. This is why it offers a variety of volunteering opportunities: from the scientific sphere to family support services; from direct support to less visible but no less important indirect means of support. Volunteering at the GAF can serve to both support teams in intervention with families and in the design and intervention in prevention or local development strategies and cohesion in the community, or for enhancing scientific knowledge in social intervention.


Occupational workshops aimed at developing across-the-board skills that facilitate socio-vocational integration.

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Funded by the Employment and Vocational Training Institute, this provides the community with car-wash services by hand and aims to promote the social and occupational integration of unemployed and disadvantaged persons relative to the job market.

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